• 律师名称:吴亿能律师
  • 擅长领域:民事调解,不良资产处置,执行谈判与和解、协助执行、执行异议与异议之诉,刑事辩护(经济犯罪方向)
  • 所在区域:上海市区
  • 联系方式:15921340762

职    位:主任/创始人/首席律师。

Title: Executive Director /Founder/Chief Attorney


Practice  number:13101201110428037


Field of expertise:Civil mediation,disposition of non-performing asset,negotiation and reconciliation,assist in execution,execution disagreement,criminal defense(direction of economic crime)


Major experiences:Focus on civil execution since 2008.Deal with more than 2000 civil and commercial cases which amount over $1 billion.Save direct economic loss for the parties over one hundred million.Go to all the provinces except Tibet when handling the case and has over 200 days business trip each year.So accumulate rich working experience.Joined Shanghai Shang Bao Law Firm in 2014,serving as deputy director.Widely exploited financial,non-performing asset, intellectual property business,especially contacting lots of legal services in the United States.Found China Execution Network(lawyer APP) in 2015,providing service for the national parties and lawyers based on Internet technology.Has carried out extensive cooperation with law firms in Zhejiang and Jiangsu on civil execution business.Found Shanghai Jin Tang law firm in 2016 and will lead the team follow the service ideas of “profession,responsibility,shortcut”and development ideas of “unity,standardization,efficiency”and constantly forge ahead.


Practice style:Resolve case quickly and  pay attention to the execution of  the case from beginning .Lead the team to handle it, our object is when the case end, we really resolve your problems.


Practice philosophy: Maximize the lawful rights and interests of the parties.